I’ve had a great career in the arts, working behind the scenes as a theatre technician and production manager. I’ve been an electrician, a tour technical manager and a flying director, rigging aerial systems and choreographing Peter Pan productions around the world. I love mixing creative thinking with practical solutions and coming up with new ways of resolving problems.

As a Production and Project Manager, I evaluated projects for efficient production and guided teams with all varieties of creative temperaments to successful opening nights. I feel that the keys to effective project management are open and clear communication, reliability, demonstrating respect for teammates regardless of position, and supporting your co-workers to enable them to do their best work.

Although I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, I took the opportunity to travel the world before settling down back in my hometown with my dog, Gogi.  My favorite place to visit was South Korea, where I spent nearly two years (cumulatively) working on Peter Pan tours all over South Korea. The only South Korean region I haven’t visited is Jeju Island, but I hope to make it there someday, especially as it is prominently featured in so many of my favorite Korean Dramas. I try to keep learning Korean language and grammar through daily Duolingo exercises and watching dramas, of course.

Gogi is my constant companion and best friend. He’s a five year old staffordshire/pit/heinz 57 mix, and and loves playing with friends at a local doggy day care. This year he’s very happy that I’ve been working from home so he gets two long walks in every day, and is happy to come remind me of the time if I get too caught up in work.  We’re working on obedience training and he is doing well with sit-stays, recalls, and heel, although his out-of-sight down responses need work! He’s very stubborn but he’s always a very very good boy.


He loves dried sweet potato treats, string cheese, and checking up on all of the neighborhood cats. He even has his own IG: @pbgogi